The time has come for us to switch over to the new qualification so instead of PTLLS we will now be delivering Award in education and Training.

So whats the difference?
To the untrained eye not much. The qualification delivers the same principles of taking you through the process of starting to teach in the Lifelong Learning sector. We will still cover the background to being a professional trainer and the guidelines that govern the role. We will also still cover the teaching cycle and how to deliver engaging, motivating and inclusive training.

The new qualification has just given us the chance to update our training materials and develop a course ready for 2014.

Who is it for?
Anyone who wants to teach adults really. Whether you are already training or are thinking of have a career change then the course is for you. The course is not just about people who deliver qualifications it is also to help people who teach skills to others like knitting or Jewellery making or people that deliver in house courses to staff.

To apply for the course you have to be 19+ and have a good level of ICT, Numeracy and literacy. These are not tested at the start of the course but you do complete a test for your benefit so you can see what level you are working at.

When are the courses?
The courses run every couple of months but the online course is available to start whenever you are ready.

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