We have an in house course starting on Tuesday 15th September at our  training centre in Willerby.  The course will run over five weeks including your micro teach week.

Who is the course for?

  • Anyone who wants to start a career in training
  • Trainers who are sector qualified but not trainer qualified
  • In house trainers
  • People wanting to set up an internal training team

What sort of sectors complete the course?

The course is open to anyone who is qualified in the sector they want to work in.  You do not need any experience or qualifications in training to complete the course.

All sectors use AET as a basic training qualification to teach adults.  The some sectors we have worked with are

  • Health & safety
  • Beauty
  • Alternative therapies
  • First aid
  • Working with young adults with a physical disability
  • Working with adults that have behavioural or mental isuues
  • Accounting
  • A variety of charities

What does the course include?

The Award in Education and Training course looks at training from

  • The background to training, what shapes and effects us as trainers
  • Initial assessment of learners needs, learning styles and how we tailor training to individual learners
  • Planning of training
  • Delivery of motivating and engaging training
  • Assessment of learning, effectiveness of training
  • Process of feedback to learners
  • Evaluation of training as a whole

Basically the course takes you through the teaching cycle taking it apart and examining it at each stage.  Then in week five you put together all the new skills you have and devise a short micro teach that takes into account your audience and is engaging, motivating and achieves the goal you have set out.


What to do next?

To discuss the course further or to book a place contact Kirsty on 01482 651 761 or email kirsty@learningplaces.co.uk