Award & Certificate in Education and Training

we specialise in the design and delivery of the Award in Education and Training and Certificate programme as well. Both are available as online or off line courses

The AET, formerly known as PTLLS, is a Level 3 award designed to introduce learners to the concepts, principles and practices of teaching and training adults.

With a high degree of emphasis on practical understanding and implementation of theory this 5 day course leads you through everything you need to know to become a great trainer, who inspires and challenges learners.

The CET, formerly known as CTLLS, is a Level 4 award designed to stretch learners to consider planning for delivery and evaluation of training activities.

With a strong focus on designing training courses, analysis of learner needs, resource planning and equality, it takes the learner one stage further in their journey to become a great teacher of others.
  • AET & CET offered Online

  • Edexcel Approved Qualification Centre

  • Blended Learning Programmes

  • Levels Three and Four

AET & CET Online

learn at a place and time to suit you, at home at work or in the coffee shop

Our online courses are really good, intelligently designed and user friendly, even for tech novices

With a focus on usability and simplicity they lead you logically through the course content and allow you complete quizzes, activities and assignments without having to lift a pen

We are never far away though - if you get stuck or simply don't get something, all you have to do is email or call and we're hand to help you out

1Step one
Register for a course online at, you can even try one for free to see if suit you.
2Step two
Once you've registered you'll receive your username and password. Use this to log in to the site and keep your work safe
3Step three
Start working through the course, you'll find a wide range of learning materials for each course including quizzes and tests that measure your progress
4Step four
Along the way you'll be asked to submit written assignments for assessment - you can upload these straight to the moodle (that's the name of software we use) and receive feedback directly to your inbox - no need to drop things off or send in the post

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