Learn how to use Social Media for your business

Social media is not only a crucial way to communicate with your customers but is an increasingly important part of making your online presence (your website) work for you and your business. These workshops will cover the four of the most widely used social media accounts and will offer a very hands-on approach to learning how to set them up and use them.

Whatever your business, whatever your industry, social media can help you reach customers


% Using social media for business

% of small businesses were using social media in 2012 according to mediabistro

% Integrating into business

% of small businesses have integrated social media in a structured way into their business

% of customers who rely on social media

% of online users are counting on social media before making purchase decision

% of marketeers focusing on social media

% of small business marketers have understood importance of social media marketing and are planning to increase their time spent on social media this year (2013) (Source: Socialmediatoday)

"Everybody knows how to use Facebook, Twitter etc. Right? No dear friends you don't. With professional help and advice from Kirstie and Kat we now enjoy nearly 9,000 visits to our blog per month. And it's going up every month."

Thom Strid

Social Media Workshops

Why you need it

Social Media, those communities online united by a common theme, has really taken off over the last few years and it is here to stay.

People use social media for many reasons. Some use it to keep in touch with friends and family, some to organise information, some to help people, and some to search for information. To understand how people are using social media means that you can see that people will go to social media sites and use them like search engines.

For example if a person is looking to fit a washer on a faulty bathroom tap, they might search YouTube to find a help video. If they still can't do it themselves, and maybe if the person that posted the video was a local plumber, they might be inclined to contact that plumber. Or if someone is looking to redecorate a room, they may collect images on Pinterest, take note of any friends on Facebook who mention a local painter or curtain maker, search for how-to guides on websites and blogs, reading online reviews and when they are ready will make purchase decisions based on this information.

People these days, as you might do, spend longer researching products and services online, and look at multiple avenues for information so it makes sense that your business needs to make sure it has good online visibility both in terms of being where your customers are online, and being noticed by the search engines and by having good sources of information to share.

Who is it for?

Our social media workshops have proven to be very useful to many small and medium sized local businesses in the Yorkshire region. And we have had all levels of social media knowledge.

Here's some examples of the types of people and businesses that attend:

  • People with no knowledge of social media or have only seen or used the 'personal' side of social media
  • People who have been very wary of social media and worried about any negative issues surrounding its use
  • People who have begun to use one or more platforms, such as Facebook to help their business but not understood the full benefits
  • People that have been told that they need to be using social media to help their business
  • New start-ups
  • Sole traders
  • Small partnerships and limited companies
  • Employees and management from larger organisations
  • Charities
  • Virtually all age groups have been represented! We've had a few participants in their 70s.

As well as our open courses we have run these workshops for groups, such as:

  • Early Years Settings via EYRC
  • Bridlington Tourism
  • Bridlington Women's Network Group
  • The Bondholders, World Trade Centre, Hull
  • Visit York

Course Dates

To book onto a course

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