Train the Trainer Modular Programmes

Your business is unique, your needs are unique, so don't settle for an off the shelf train the trainer programme that is only partially relevant to you, come and talk to us and we can build a course based on what you want.

Analysing & Defining Learner Needs

mod. 1

Understanding effective methods to analyse learner knowledge, skills and abilities to create a benchmark of performance and help identify learning goals

Developing Learning Objectives

mod. 2

Using a systematic approach to analyse and defining learning goals and objectives that are relevant to the needs of the business and the learner

Overcoming Barriers to learning

mod. 3

Understanding why learners resist the learning process and identify strategies and techniques to ensure that learning sticks and has a benefit to the individual and the organisation

Measuring the Effectiveness of Learning

mod. 4

Understanding the process and techniques of assessment both before, during and after learning has taken place to measure progress, competency and achievements

Course Design Techniques & Methods

mod. 5

Understanding the course design process, bringing together learning goals and objectives, course content, timings, resources and methods of assessment in to a logical and coherent format

Individual Coaching for Colleagues

mod. 6

Understanding the coaching process, from developing relationships, identifying goals, examining the current state, developing options and creating action plans

Methods of Training for Skills in Work

mod. 7

Understanding the methods of teaching skills including instruction techniques, identifying key learning points and how to reinforce learning

Methods of Training for Knowledge

mod. 8

Understanding processes of training knowledge through case studies, facilitated discussions, lectures and problem solving activities

Communicating with Confidence

mod. 9

Developing communication skills including methods of maintaining attention, developing question structures, active listening and speaking to be heard

Delivering Engaging Presentations

mod. 10

Understanding the core elements in building an engaging presentation including developing logical structures, creating easy to follow layouts, developing and using graphics to underpin messages

Managing Challenging Learners

mod. 11

Understanding the techniques to manage challenging learners including the use of assertiveness strategies, handling conflict in groups and delivering challenging feedback

Designing Exercises to Engage

mod. 12

Understanding methods and techniques of how to build and design exercises including quizzes, case studies, group discussions and using games to reinforce learning

Train the Trainer Course Structures

Our train the trainer programmes are built in 1.5 hour chunks so you can decide how much time you want to commit to the course and whether they are half (2 modules) or whole day sessions (4 modules)

  • Built in modules of 1.5 hours

  • Online support materials & exercises

  • Available as half and full day courses

  • Qualified & experienced instructors

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