Light, heat and ventilation

In order to meet the basic needs of learners the teacher needs to think about how warm the room is, is there enough light or too much light and is there the facility to have a window open or a fan on . If the learners are too cold or too hot they will be thinking about being uncomfortable so will not be fully listening to the teacher.


How is the room set out, are the actual chairs comfy, can everyone see the OHP and the teacher. Think about how many learners are in the group when setting up the room. If you want to have group discussions does the room setup lend its self to this.  Think about any physical barriers between you and the learners.

Health and safety

Think about fire exits are they clear have you told learners where they are, Have you left cables or bags around. These are issues that should be addressed at the start of the course. If the learners are not aware they worry. if the learners perceive the room as messing and full of hazards they will be wary of moving around and also may project the state of the room onto you and perceive you as unorganised.

The social learning environment


The teachers role is to create an inclusive environment so all learners feel they are included in the learning and activities. Support The teacher should create a relax yet formal feel to the teaching to enable learners to feel supported.


Please see the Motivation Page

Encourage peer support

This is achieved by the learners having an agreed code of conduct so they know they are safe to speak and share experiences without fear of challenging and antisocial behaviour in response.

For more information please see the Ground rules Page