Award in Education and Training ERYC

Award in Education and Training ERYC

Last year we started to work with the ERYC business team to put them through their PTLLS training.  Although the team do not deliver qualifications they do deliver training sessions to small groups and also individuals in setting up businesses.  Although the team had lots of experience of training and were competent in their subject areas not of them actually had a training qualification.

The team work with a very diverse client group so it was vital for them to understand how to communicate and teach a variety of people.  The section on learning styles was an a part of the course that the team found very interesting not only in terms of their teaching but also in recognising different people types with in their teams.  One of the team only dealt with training on a one to one basis, mostly delivering inductions and ongoing on the job training.  At the beginning they felt like PTLLS was better suited to the others in the room but this was the point that it all started to make sense for them understanding how people learn.  When we followed up after the course they stated that the course had shown them how to change how they are teaching to suit the person they are with.

The members of the team that had had experience of teaching groups talked about how they did already implement a lot of the areas we discussed on the PTLLS course but that they did not really understand why they did them.  This is a really common theme we find in teaching the PTLLS course but it is understanding the WHY that gives you a better teaching experience and therefore a better learning experience for your learners.

The team was fantastic to work with and it was a pleasure seeing the many lightbulb moments they had.