So today was our External verification visit from Edexcel or to be precise our Standards verification visit.  This is the time of year when I have seen many a seasoned trainer in a state of panic.  This led me to start worrying as to why I had spent the weekend shopping with my daughter, walking the dog, lunch out with the family and not at the office running around like a headless chicken.

I then thought about a conversation I had with a learner last week how was worrying about his EV visit and observation.

I had asked him “Are you a good teacher?”


“Are you confident in what you do?”


“Are you good at the paperwork side of teaching?”


“Could you be better?”


“Then get better at the paperwork be confident in who you are and what you and stop worrying!”

So this weekend I had asked myself these very same questions and the conclusion was I am very happy with my teaching skills, I am confident in what I do and Yes I know I am very good at what I do.  I also have got a lot better at the dreaded paperwork.  So in conclusion I decided I was not going to worry as I deliver my best all year round not just when it comes to the time of year for the EV visit.

So you may now be thinking was I right to be that confident and have the weekend chilling well I am very pleased to say yes I was.  The feedback from our EV was FANTASTIC in fact he was annoyed as he couldn’t find a recommendation or action for us.  Now that’s the type of feedback I like.

This is however a team effort so thank you to all my learners for sharing the journey with me and for generally being FAB!!