The benefits of online learning are clear

  • Work at your pace
  • Learn at a time suitable to you
  • Log in from where ever you are on your laptop or tablet
  • Keeps all your work and resources in one place
  • Keeps track of your progress
  • Online feedback
  • Interactive quizzes, activities and assignments
  • Online assignment submission
  • Electronic submission of micro teach (video)

So why don’t learners complete PTLLS online?

Many learners worry that once you have signed up to an online course you have no support or contact from a tutor.  At Learning places we are very aware that everyone learns differently this means that they may need more then one way of learning.

At Learning places we provide all online learners with

  • Remote tutor support
  • Face to face coaching if needed
  • The option to upgrade to an in house course if needed
  • Micro teach in house day

We understand the connivence of on line PTLLS courses but also value of human interaction, this is why you should never underestimate the power of a cuppa tea and a catch up.