The key to a great session is to write a great session plan that sets out how your session will flow beforehand.  Writing a session plan helps you to think about what the learners need to know by the end of the session and how you are going to get there.

When planning  session you need to think about what you are going to be teaching and to who.  This enables you to think about the level you set the training at and how long you take over each section or activity.

When you are planning your session timings are really important to make sure you can fit everything in and also allow time for learners to ask questions and recap if needed.  Don’t forget learners need breaks as well!

When you are planning your session you can break it down into seven stages:

  1. Set the aim – Specify what it is you want your students to achieve.
  2. Break the session down into stages, learning outcomes – List what you want to teach as a series of steps.  At this stage you may find you want to set further outcomes or that you decide there is too much to do in one session.
  3. Choose the delivery method – Explore the best ways of getting across what you want to teach the student to them.
  4. Build in assessment for learning – Think about how you are going to check the students understanding.
  5. Sequence the session – Once you have planned your session you may need to rejig it to make sure it flows in a logical order.  At this point you may want to add timings as well to make sure the activities fit within the time you have.
  6. Choose resources – Think about the equipment or resources that you will need to achieve your learning outcomes.  You may need to think about whether they are actually available.  Make a list of what you need to enable planning for your session.
  7. Evaluate your session – Once you have run the session you will need to review how it went.  This can be through self reflection, feedback from students and evaluation forms.

Once your session is planned you need to think about how it fits in to the training course as a whole this allows you to recap on areas the learners have already covered and also entice them with what is still to come.

The last thing to remember with session plans is they are not set in stone you need to be flexible with them .  If an activity takes too long them you need to think about where you can get the time back from or do you just run over.

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