As there seems to be no end to the economic down turn companies are looking more and more how to save money.  One of the first areas that always gets cut is the training budget.

Cutting the training budget seems like a great solution and short term it will work but how does it effect the future of your company.  Training is what drives companies to move forward, it motivates staff, improves staff attitudes, keeps companies and staff fresh.  so what can we do, we know training is needed but on the flip side we still need to save money.

The solution is sat right in front of you, your own staff are the solution.  If you employ a trainer or consultant to come into your company to deliver inhouse training then you are looking at anywhere from £500 a day to £3000.  They may be the so called expert but who knows your company better than you and your staff.

If you have staff that are competent at there job and are experts in there area then why not train them to deliver your training.  For a fraction of the cost of bring someone in you can create your own team to deliver the training you want, when you want it and how you want it.

The PTLLS course shows your staff how to deliver good quality training.  The course teaches them not only how to deliver but about the role and responsibilities of the trainer, the different learners they will come across and how to tailor your training to suit all styles.

If this sounds like the solution you are looking for get in touch to discuss your needs.