ptlls hull

When writing your PTLLS assignment it is vital to remember it is about you.  By this I don’t mean that I want your life history or that it should be a narrative piece but I want to know how the theory relates to your job role as a teacher.

The PTLLS course is a generic teaching course that is there to show you the basics of teaching theory.  It is not there to show you how to be a great floristry teacher or health and safety trainer.  That is the expertise that you should be bringing to the course and also to your assignments.

The PTLLS assignments should include the theory you have looked at in your sessions and your experiences.  Blending together  the two shows not only knowledge but also understanding.  This is what makes the assignment a pass rather than a refer for an assignment that just states theories.

The other important ingredient in a fab assignment is actually covering the criteria.  When you are given the assignment brief below is a checklist marking criteria.  This is the checklist that is used by your tutor to mark your work so make sure you have actually covered it.  So many times I refer learners assignments because they have simply missed out some of the assessment criteria.  The assessment criteria or checklist set out for your assignments makes sure you are hitting the criteria for the whole course.  If you have written about each of the elements asked for nine times out of ten it will pass.

When writing your assignments remember

  1. Recall the theory you have looked at in your sessions and as part of your wider reading.
  2. Relate the experiences you have had as a teacher and learner back to the theory.
  3. Cover  the whole of the assessment criteria don’t leave bits out.

Follow these easy steps and your assignment will pass first time  – Fingers crossed