Award in Education and training PTLLS

So as I have been delivering the Award in Education and Training this week I have been thinking about the amount of times I changed the course for the learners that I have in the group.  It is constant amendments to make sure the training is up to date and meets the needs of my learners.  I have come to think this is just the normal but recent conversations have left me thinking this is not the case.

You would think the keeping up to date element was a given however a few weeks ago I was asked to deliver a one day course to a local training company on social media and its place in recruitment.  I had delivered the course the previous year to the same organisation but for a different group.  When the organiser contacted me they said they just wanted me to deliver exactly what I had the previous year there was no need to make any changes.  I tried to explain that things had changed and the data would be out of date but they didn’t seem concerned.  As a professional trainer I couldn’t do it, I could not train using materials that were not the most up to date so the course was changed.  The client was happy so no issues but it did take me three hours that I could not charge them for.

Making my training the most up to date it can be shows that I love what I teach and am always researching seeing what is going on in the sectors I work in.  Researching my subject is not just for the learners but it is about me and my CPD.  I love reading about different ways in which people who do the same as me work and the results that they get.

So next time you take that course of the shelf that you have been delivering for years just take a minute to think what’s new.