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We have delivering training both online and face to face for over six years and over that time we have seen a lot of changes in training especially online.

Online training can be difficult for some learners who just see it as sitting in front of a screen reading information intact one learner commented that it would easier if they just read the text book.  Whilst we never discourage learners from doing extra reading online learning should be more than just a text book online.  Online learning should be interesting and at times light hearted, what makes face to face training interesting is hearing the trainers and others experiences and so we have to work out how we simulate this online.

There are many ways of doing this you can include videos or slide shares, this helps with learners that are more audio learners.  Learners can also be encourage to use blogs and forums to connect with their tutor and others taking part in the course.

Social media can also play a big part in online learning.  Closed groups give learners a place to connect together and discuss their experiences.  Tutor can also join in these groups and aid learners, as all learners will see the answers it becomes a place where learners go for advice and those frequently asked questions.

At Learning Places we also believe that just because you are completing your training online doesn’t mean you can’t talk to a person, we make it clear to all our learners that we are here to help whether that is digitally or in person.

So the answer is on the face of it online learning isn’t for everyone but if the tutor and learners put the extra effort in it can work for everyone in their own way.