The moodle is sectioned into 13 topics.  Each of these should take around 2 – 3 hours to complete dependent on your learning rate and your past experiences.

You can work through the moodle in any order however the best way is to work from start to finish as this is the way the qualification is written and how it is traditionally taught.

The sections are divided up into areas for you to read, quizzes for you to have ago at and assignments for your portfolio.

Text to read – these sections have text for you to read to help you complete your quizzes and assignments.

Document to read – these sections include documents that you need to read and include in your assignments.

Assignments to submit – these sections are the details of the assignments that need to be submitted for your portfolio.

Quizzes – these check how you are doing and if you are understanding what you are reading.  Some of the quizzes help you to think about information needed for your assignments and others count towards your portfolio.

Another section to complete is your reflective journal.  On the moodle I have uploaded two templates of reflective / learning journals for you to look at.

How you complete your journal is up to you I suggest the easiest way is to use the Blog.  The blog on your moodle is private and can not be viewed by anyone other than you, your teacher, the internal verifier (IV) and the External / standards verifier(EV / SV)

The journal charts your journey through the course so you should treat it a bit like a diary.  There is no wrong or right way of writing your journal however it should include.

  • How you feel at the start of the course
  • Why you are taking part in the course
  • Where you want to be/ where you see the qualification taking you
  • How you feel at each stage of the process
  • If an area is particularly hard

There are also areas within the text that say comment in your journal so watch out for these.

The moodle is quite self explanatory and easy to use, if you do get stuck there is a human at the end of a phone or email to help.