Can’t wait for January?

With our online PTLLS course you set the start date and the pace you work at.  You still have access to a qualified PTLLS tutor via email, skype or the moodle itself.

The online course is based around the same principles as the the in house course taking you through the teaching process start to finish.  The online training gives you the information you need to complete the course all you need to do is think about how the information relates to your job role and how you put the principles into practice.

The online course takes you though a number of formative assessments to check you have read the information and understood it.  You then need to complete four assignments which build on the answers from the formative assessments.  This is all done on the moodle so no missing emails or pieces of paper.

Once you have completed the moodle you will then need to deliver a 30 minute micro teach.  This can be done in house or through discussion with your tutor can be done remotely.

To discuss the course further or to sign up give us a call today 01482 426 384