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When you are completing a course online it can be difficult to stay motivated here are some tips on keeping going

  • Make time – if you were attending a course at a training centre you would book a day out of your diary to attend so why not do the same with your online course.  I know many people choose an online course because they don’t have the time to dedicate but booking a two hour slot in your diary can really help.  There will be elements of the course where you can watch a quick clip while waiting for a meeting or listen to an audio clip on the train but to really get into the course you need to put time aside to enjoy what you are doing.
  • Engage with others – online learning can be lonely if you don’t engage.  There are forums you can chat to other learners and also internal messaging services use these to your advantage.  In a group session you would ask other peoples opinions and who they are getting along online learning shouldn’t be any different.  If you are using a Moodle system or similar it will tell you that others are online.
  • Use your tutor – you are assigned a tutor as part of your online course just like you would be in a class get to know them.  You can use Facebook chat via the business page or message them on the online system.  If you are going old school you can even email or ring them.  Knowing there is a human you can talk to helps when you feel things just aren’t going great.
  • Get reading – if you find that the material on the online learning is not quite for you or you want more then go find it.  You wouldn’t expect not to do outside reading or watching videos on an in house training programme so why should online be any different.  Being excited about what you are doing and wanting to find out more will keep you motivated and engaging with the course.
  • Test yourself – most of the quizzes on online learning are self marking so go ahead and test yourself.  Knowing how we are doing helps us keep going, especially if you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere.  The quizzes help you build up confidence to then complete the summative assignments.
  • Have a goal – set yourself some goals to work to.  If you just say I will complete the course in six weeks it’s too big a goal, we like to tick things off as we complete tasks so give yourself weekly or daily goals that are achievable.  If it helps discuss these with your manager or tutor so they can help you achieve the goals.
  • Ask for help – if you are really stuck or feel that an online course isn’t working for you then just say, a good tutor should be able to help you make the course work or help you with some coaching to keep you  going.

It is important to remember why you are doing the course and keep that in your mind when you feel your motivation wilting and this will keep you going!