Coaching is one of those topics that everyone talks about as being a good thing, but it’s not always clear what’s the best way to go about it.  On this course we have combined what you need to know as a coach with the specifications from Edexcel  on coaching to help your coaching skills grow.

How does it work?

The course will look at the role of a Coach from beginning to end.  Starting with the skills you need and the prior planning through to how to facilitate  coaching session along with moving forward with the coachee to ensure change happens in the long term.

What is Coaching?

 Coaching is a two-way conversation where the coachee (person being coached) is guided by a coach.  The coach is there to guide the other person, this is normally done in a face to face conversation, or over the phone, and the coach basically asks questions of the coachee to help them understand what the problem is, why they find it hard, what could be the answer, what they need to put the solution in place.  The answers from the coachee are sense checked by the coach, and if they are not quite right, they offer an alternative perspective.  At the end of the day the coach does not TELL the other person what to do, but ADVISES them of possible options.

What makes a good coach?

A coach is normally……..

  • someone who is trusted and well-regarded by the other person
  • someone with experience in handling the problem the other person faces
  • is good at communicating
  • is open-minded and creative
  • does not judge others by their own standards
  • an exceptional listener
  • highly empathetic
  • great at asking questions

Next step…..

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