As  we start to come to the end of the year people reassess where they are at, where they want to go.  If you feel like you have more to give and would like a job that is never the same two days in a row, then have a look at teaching.

I get asked by learners don’t you get bored delivering the same PTLLS course time and time again.  The answer is always no as I don’t deliver the same course.  It is not to say I constantly change the material and content of the course it is that the learners make it different.  Every time you start a new course you have new challenges and experiences to deal with.  What makes teaching so great is the learners.

If you would like to make a new start contact us today whether you are a cake decorator, an accountant or a hairdresser you have the skills that others want to learn.  The PTLLS course gives you the teaching start you need if you have the skills and experience.

Dependent on your experience, confidence and skill level we have a course to suit you.

Call us today to speak to a tutor who will give you the options that would best suit you.