If you could pick who trained the staff in your company you would want someone who is not only passionate about what they do but also about your company.  You want someone who knows your business inside out.  Sounding good, you don’t have to look far in fact just look around you.

If you have a great team with knowledge about your company and how to make it better then why not have them train the rest of the team.

As the economy becomes more unstable more companies are looking at the talents within their own workplace to create in house training.  With the right training and support this is a great way to drive your business forward without spending a fortune.

At Learning places we have already worked with companies that are setting up their own in house training to

  • Save money –  if you already employ the trainer no extra outgoings
  • Create bespoke training – if you are involved in the planning its all about you
  • Have staff trained as you want it done
  • Increase staff morale  – by making staff feel a valuable part of the team

If you have an experienced  team we can work with them to develop their training skills and also gain a qualification through our PTLLS qualification.  If you have a team of four or more that you would like training we can even come to your own premises.  PTLLS  is not just about delivering group training we also offer training in one to one coaching with the PTLLS qualification.

If this interests you give us a call today to discuss your needs and what we can do for you.