I was having a conversation with a learner on Monday who said they had not had any teaching experience.  I was confused by this as the learner is a nurse.

We then had a conversation about how she had taught patients and relatives about their conditions or the procedure they had had.  The many times she had inducted new doctors and nurses on to the ward.  Within two minutes we had a very long list of her teaching experience.

Teaching is not just about the powerpoint presentation and the teacher delivering from the front it is so much more.  My learners often take more away from the class discussion or having an experience then from the presentation.

The PTLLS course is not about showing you how to deliver a good presentation or create a powerpoint, it is about teaching.  Teaching is something that takes place at various times in very differing locations.  The PTLLS course takes you through the whole teaching cycle so you understand everything from your role to meeting the needs of your learners.

If you want to be more than just a deliverer and want to become a teacher give us a call today.