Literally it is a short training session that you will deliver at the end of your PTLLS training course.  This is the element of the course that causes anxiety in the majority of learners.  The point of the micro teach is to have fun, it is not a pass/fail exercise but a chance to put together the skills you have gained during the PTLLS course.

Why do we have micro teaches?

Micro teaches enable the learner to

  • building self-confidence
  • try unfamiliar teaching methods
  • develop the process of self-evaluation
  • develop the process of reflective practice
  • take part in peer feedback
  • supports and confirms good practice
  • encourages the development of personal teaching style

Micro teaching will help you sharpen and develop your teaching skills, it will help you to eliminate any obvious errors and will build your confidence. It won’t solve all your teaching issues and enable you to be a more effective teacher.

The secret to a good micro teach is to select a topic that you are really comfortable with.  If you select something you enjoy and are competent at all you have left to think about is the delivery and planning.

PTLLS Micro teaching ideas

  1. How to decorate a cake – give a brief explanation of cake decorating show them how it should look, give them a brief demonstration of a small element then let them have ago.
  2. Make a simple recipe – think of something cold with only a few ingredients and steps.
  3. How to perform a magic trick – take people through the background and show them how it is done then they can have a go.
  4. How to mix a cocktail – think of something cold with only a few ingredients and steps.
  5. How to juggle – giving basic technique and instruction.
  6. How to make kite – simple instruction with demonstration
Heuristic play micro teach

Heuristic play micro teach