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When I think of good training I think about several points

  • The trainer
  • Meeting expectations
  • Fun

The trainer

In order for training to be good you need a trainer who actually cares about what they do.  When a trainer is passionate about their subject and knowledgable they are a pleasure to listen to.  Obviously I am aware that there is more to it than that we all remember that teacher at school that was monotone and really not engaging but if you are truly excited by your subject then this will show.

A trainer needs to understand who to engage learners, in order to do this they need to understand how people learn and what turns them on to learning.  Once you understand how to make your learning effective it is much easier to get your point across.

Meeting expectations

When you attend any training course you have an expectation of what the course will be about.  The trainers job is to meet these expectations.  They can do this the easy way or as many do the hard way.

The easy way is to communicate with learners prior to them starting the training.  Prior to anyone starting the AET course I always talk to them about what they are presently doing and what they would like to do in the future.  This is the first step to finding out why they are wanting to do the course.  This conversation also gives you the chance to tell them about what the course entails giving them the chance to voice their expectations.  At this point you can also tell them what will be expected of the in order to complete the course.

If we already know what our learners are expecting we can make decisions such as changing course material or directing them to a different course that would suit them better.  It’s easy to solve issues if we know about them.

The hard way is the trainers that have no communication with the learners they just turn up on the day with their set of expectations and the trainer turns up with theirs.  If these do not match this is where learners become disengaged from the course and maybe even from learning.  It is harder to get back on track at this point.


Enjoying your training is a massive benefit to both the trainer and the learners, if we enjoy an experience we are more likely to remember it.  I know not all subjects are instinctively fun and interactive but it is the trainers job to make sure they know how to make sure the learners have a good experience.

When I teach about government white papers it is really not the most exciting part of the course but after much experimenting we have made it a fun experience.  The learners are spilt into small groups and asked to read and discuss some notes on several white papers.  They are then asked to feed these back to the group.  Nothing startling there and I agree if I left it as this people would soon forget the information however I then get a whole group discussion going about who education has change and how the government has directed this change.  As you can imagine the discussion can get quite heated with people discussing their views and how they think education should be delivered.

Although by the end of the discussion they still might not remember the exact names and dates of the white papers they will have a really good memory of the changes that have taken place and how these affect them as a trainer today.

For me having a great training experience is vital.  I listen to many learners who have had bad experiences at school or college from negative or poor teachers and this has effected how they have viewed training going forward.  With fab trainers these learners can be turned on to training.

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