This weekend my sons took part in a 20 mile hike that involved carry all your equipment needed to survive for the weekend including shelter and food.  They loved every minute of it even though it was really hard, they were tired and wanted to give up at times.  They didn’t though they just kept going!  They lost a team member after day one which gave them a  penalty so what did they do, they ran day two to make up for it.   To my surprise when they got home they were even talking about how they would do it differently next year.

This inspired me to think about what motivated them and kept them going and as adults how can it be so hard to motivate ourselves.

They had a goal and they went for it but as an adult these goals can be too big, we can’t see the rewards and things just look too hard so what can we do

  1. Set yourself achievable goals, if a goal is too big it can seem unachievable so break it down into smaller sections that you can tick off as you go along.  Make some goals long term projects that will take time to do but also add in short term goals so you have the satisfaction of reaching them, which motivates you to keep going.
  2. Give yourself time, if a goal is big then remember it will take time.  There is no point in saying I will deliver the project by the end of the week when in reality it will take two or three weeks to do it properly.   You are setting yourself up to fail and guess what you will.
  3. Have a treat, if there are aspects of your work or your training that you enjoy and others the you don’t them mix it it up.  If you don’t enjoy reading facts and figures but love researching information on youtube then allow yourself to do the fun task after you have completed an hour of the boring task.
  4. Ask for help, people often see asking for help as a weakness but it is just a way of saying I am not great at this but I would like to be better.  Learning how to do something you thought you couldn’t do is a great motivator if you just stick your head in the sand you will show you have weaknesses and can not deal with them.  This leads to you feeling demotivated and not completing tasks.
  5. Say well done, we are all great at picking fault at yourselves but forget to say great job when it is needed.  Learn to tell yourself you are doing great or that piece of work was amazing.  If you have done something well it is ok to say so.

So how did this fit with my sons this weekend, their goal was split into checkpoints along the way with people telling them they were doing a great job.  They had team mates to help them keep going and they asked for help when they were a little lost.  They were also proud of what they had achieved.