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Running our social media courses has given us some insight as to why micro businesses do not feel comfortable using social media.  We have people who feel they are going to write the wrong thing and damage their business or simply just don’t know what to write about.

We also have the people that are worried that competitors or disgruntled customers might write negative things about them.  You don’t have to be on Facebook for this to happen they can write about you anyway.  However if you are on Facebook the chances are they will post it to your page, this is where you show people what sort of a company you are.  If you reply with negativity or just rubbish what they are saying it shows you in the same negative light as them.  If you were to be positive, apologise maybe invited them to come and discuss their issues with you this shows you truly care and have good customer service.

Other people get caught up with how often they should post, getting the business personal balance right.  We have put together five top tips to help you on your.

  1. Shareable –  Make your posts shareable, the more it’s shared the more people will see it.  
  2. Frequency – Don’t clog up peoples timelines with too many posts.  Remember Facebook moves much slower than Twitter once or twice a week is fine to start with.
  3. Engage – Create posts that people want to engage with.  Talk to people not at them you are more likely to get a response.
  4. Acknowledge – If people engage with your page make sure you acknowledge it.  If someone says they have received a great product or service from you them say thank you.
  5. Personal – Give a little of your personality to show people who you are.  You don’t need to tell us what you are up to in your personal life but if it is something your customers may connect with post it.  An example of this is saying great to be back in the office and the kids back at school after summer holiday. 

To get you started on social media we have a 2x 3 hour course covering the basics of

  • Pinterest 
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

The course is part of a ERDF a funding stream to help small business develop.  The course would normally cost £150.00 but will cost you £15.00.  For full terms and conditions click here Social Media Workshops