Just wanted to share a fab bio written for Kirsty by the amazing Chris Kenworthy it is all true but made me sit up and think about all I have achieved over the past seven years.

“Who is Kirsty?
Self-employment runs in the blood of Kirsty’s family. Her parents run a local chippy, which she worked in as a girl, so from a young age she was steeped in the art of serving customers, and the strong social connections behind every good business.

It turns out that that experience would come in handy one day, after Kirsty changed careers from NHS nursing to retrain. Several weeks under the tuition of an incompetent teacher (who did little more than read from notes) was all it took for her true calling to be revealed: to become an outstanding trainer. Now she does teacher training, and leads courses in social media and customer service (amongst others) at her company, Learning Places.

A mother of three, Kirsty somehow finds time to walk her dog Harvey before work every day, and don a Beaver Scout leader’s woggle too. The latter’s a bit like a busman’s holiday for someone who already spends most days planning and bringing out the best in people, but there’s something rejuvenating about twenty 6–8 year olds running riot or building rockets out of junk, she says.
Who does she help?
Kirsty delivers training wherever it’s needed – whether that’s on a factory floor, in an office, online or at her dedicated training centre. Gaining skills in customer service, social media and passing on knowledge through good communication is essential stuff for every business, whatever industry you’re in.

Likewise, Kirsty’s adept at customising training to suit any subject, and makes a point of engineering her courses around its participants and their individual learning styles. She’s an excellent judge of when to give someone a gentle push, or when a little TLC is the order of the day.

She’s worked with over 250 different organisations, from the Hull Fire and Rescue Service to make-up artists, other training centres and charities, all the while boosting people’s self-confidence, planning and public speaking skills. She gets results too – she once helped a food blogger double his audience of followers with some simple improvements to his online networking skills.
How can Kirsty help you?
It’s not a question of whether or not you (or your employees) need to learn a new skill or gain a qualification. Ask yourself this: would your business benefit from less complaints, better communication and more happier, profitable customers? If so, seek Kirsty’s advice about social media and customer service training.

She’ll also help you turn around negative customer experiences, transforming adversity into positive opportunities to impress, and reconnect with people.

Her teacher training reaps similar benefits, by reducing tuition costs for employers. Train just one employee as a teacher with Kirsty, and they can go on to teach an unlimited number of peers in-house, on any subject.

Always super-organised (perhaps a little obsessively, she admits) people who learn with Kirsty never notice how much effort goes into their training. All they see is a relaxed environment, a teacher sensitive to their needs and lessons which resonate and inspire.

It’s training engineered around life, agrees Kirsty. And don’t be surprised if lively discussion breaks out during a session, Harvey the dog offers friendly interruption, or if you feel downhearted when a 5 week course with Kirsty inevitably comes to an end. But that’s really when her magic comes into its own; as pupils pass with flying colours and go out to do business, better.”