This is a question many individuals ask themselves we work with a wide range of trainers at Learning places those just starting out to those who have been training for twenty plus years.

So what do they get out of it?

For new starters to training it is simple PTLLS gives you the confidence to go forward with your training knowing you have the background theory to help you on your way.  At the beginning it is not always knowing the ins and outs of theories but it is about having an awareness that they are there.

A good example of this is a recent learner who was training very small groups in an informal setting they knew what they wanted to achieve and sort of how to get there but had not formal training in teaching.  After the second week of being on the PTLLS course they came back to me with the lightbulb moment.  Whilst training they had come across a learner who seemed to be engaged but when the information had been given out about the task they got fidgety and unsettled.  My learner was able to identify that they were a doing type of person that just wanted to get on.  It did not matter that they couldn’t remember the exact names from Honey and Mumfords typologies of learning the important part was they had an awareness of why the learner was behaving as they were and what they could do about it.

The other extreme learners that come to us are those with a wealth of experience.  These learners often contact us as they need the qualification as part of a funding application or in order to deliver a new qualification.  They have all the examples for the questions we ask but often are missing or have forgotten the why.

The experienced trainer is the learner that says in the discussions ” I’ve always done that I was just never sure why I did it.”  The PTLLS qualification gives these learners the opportunity to look at the background to training.  Exploring elements such as what makes us the trainers we are, who has influenced us and also look at the updates to training such as current white papers and how they have shaped the training we deliver.

So next time you think oh I don’t really think PTLLS is for me think again within the Learning Places PTLLS training there is something for everyone.