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We always have at least one learner in the class the says I don’t use Twitter because it is full of people saying what they are having for tea.  My answer to this is they should choose who they follow more carefully.  Seriously though why should they be there what is the point.

Twitter is a great place to tell people what you are up to in your business, not the hard sell we have a special offer on this week.  It’s more show casing what  you do making yourself different.  Be the business that gives advice and tips.

One of the best uses of twitter by businesses is #networking.  # networking means you get to meet some really great local business / potential clients whilst sat on the sofa with a cuppa of glass of wine (if you are like me in your PJs).  This means you get to network whilst in the comfort and protection of your own home, great for people who are new to such things.  If you are looking at this thinking this looks great but what is #networking, what do I say, when is it or even how do I log on to Twitter then give us a call.  Our courses are made for you we start with the basics but also how you can use Twitter and make it work for your business.

If we have sold you on the idea of Twitter or just want to know a bit more give us a call or email.

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