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I have had a many conversations this week about the benefits and downfalls of online training.  I do defend online training when others say all training done in this way is of a low standard.  My argument is any training is only at the standard of the training how develops and delivers the training.  Low standard training is down to poor trainers.

The moodle we have created to deliver our PTLLS course online is of the same high standard as our in house course if you enrol the right candidates onto it.  If a learner says to me they have had a lot of experience of training but no qualification to back it up they could be suitable but if I have a learner new to training they are definitely not suited.

These are not the only criteria though learners need to be

  • Self motivated – we do negotiate time scales but you have to do the work in your own time with a tutor meeting you each week to see if you have done the work
  • Fab time management skills – the moodle has been built in a way that you can dip in and out but you need to make the time.  We often recommend putting a date in the diary with your moodle to complete work.
  • Happy to read – the moodle is a one way learning environment you need to read the information and digest it.  There isn’t the opportunity to discuss with a group.  There are ways round this you can contact your tutor for a chat or discuss with peers at work.
  • Be confident – if you are doing the course to build up your confidence in training then a class room environment would suit you best.  The moodle does confirm good practice and make you think about what you are doing.

The moodle is a great way to access training when you can not have days out from work.  We believe that you should have the same support as the classroom taught learners so you can always email us or give us a call, for learners further away we use Skype – where theres a will theres a way.

If you think PTLLS online would suit you contact us today if not we can chat about your needs and our course dates.