I was at a networking event a few months ago and met a local business man who had attended one of our social media courses.  We were chatting about how his business was going and how he had found the course when he said to me “I am getting in to doing the social media but I find it doesn’t always work, if I put in some effort I get results but if I don’t it does really work.”  I didn’t answer him just looked and smiled to which he said “that’s the point isn’t it you get out what you put in”

Fantastic light bulb moment!

Social media is a fantastic tool to connect with customers old and new but as the name suggests it’s social if you don’t speak to people they won’t speak to you either.  Over the summer I didn’t do any social media for my business (I know not good practice) and it showed in the traffic to my website and the enquires that I had.  You need to remind people that you are still around and what you are doing.

It is no good sat in your office working on a fantastic product or new idea if you don’t tell anyone if you are excited about something then tell everyone.  Your passion for your business and what you do is infectious and is the reason people want to buy from you or work with you.

It is also important to remember to talk to groups of people in the right way.  How people chat on Facebook is very different to how they chat on Twitter and when you add in Instagram that’s a whole new way of chatting.

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